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Foreign Company

Foreign Company Registration

India is among the quickest developing economies on the planet with huge human potential and a huge market containing more than 1.2 billion individuals. Openings in India has pulled in a lot of Foreign Direct Investment into the nation and every year the measure of FDI inflow continues expanding because of more number of outside organizations beginning their activities in India. In this post, the best approach to setup a business is in India is point by point for remote organizations.

Is the most effortless and speediest kind of India passage system for outside nationals and remote organizations. Remote direct speculation of upto 100% into a private constrained organization or restricted organization is under the programmed course, wherein no Central Government consent is required. Henceforth, fuse of a private constrained organization as an entirely possessed auxiliary of an outside organization or joint wander is the least expensive, most effortless and speediest passage system for remote organizations and remote nationals into India.

Enrollment of Branch Office, Liaison Office or Project Office requires RBI and additionally Government endorsement. In this way, the cost and time taken for enlistment of branch office, contact office or venture office for an outside organization is higher than the cost and time related with joining of a private restricted organization. Further, outside nationals can't open branch office, contact office or venture office. Consequently, this choice is restricted to being an India section methodology just for remote organizations.

Foreign Company

Documents Required for Company Registration

  • To register the company, foreign nationals who will serve as Directors of the Company will have to submit a copy of their Passport along with an address proof (Drivers License, Bank Statement, etc.,).
  • The copy of the original documents must be notarized by a Notary in the home country or by the Indian Embassy in the country of the foreign Director.
  • In case of a corporate entity becoming a shareholder in the Indian Company, then Board Resolution from the foreign company authorizing the investment in the Indian Company would also be required.
  • The Board Resolution must be attached with notarized copy of the certificate of incorporation of the foreign entity.
  • The presence of any of the foreign Directors is not required in India at any time during the incorporation process.
  • Thus, foreign citizens can easily establish and operate a business in India without the hassles of travelling to India.
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