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Trade Mark Registration

Trade Mark Registration

Trademark is any extraordinary articulation identified with an item or administration that recognizes it from others. This articulation could be a word, trademark, photo, logo, realistic, shading blend, sound or even smell; be that as it may, most organizations are searching for a brand name enlistment or logo enrollment. Proprietors of trademarks have selective rights to their utilization under the classifications they are enrolled in (there are an aggregate of 45 classes, called classes).

Trade Mark Registration

Trademark enrollment empowers proprietors to effectively build up their entitlement to the trademark in court and acquire sovereignties. It additionally dissuades robbery and keeps comparative organization names from being enlisted by different organizations. You can lead a trademark seek, to check if your image name conflicts with existing trademarks. In India, you could get a ™ inside three days, however it takes up to two years for it to be enlisted with the goal that you can utilize the ® image.

Trademark Registration

  • TRADEMARK SEARCH : A thorough search of the TM directory
  • AUTHORISATION LETTER DRAFTING : So we can file it on your behalf
  • DISCUSSION ON CLASS : Advice on the classes you need to apply under
  • FINAL APPLICATION : Filing the forms with the Registrar
  • REGULAR UPDATES : You will receive updates until registration
  • Advantages of Trademark Registration

    Lawful Protection

    In the event that you trust your enlisted trademark is being encroached, it is anything but difficult to build up your entitlement to it in court. In the event that you haven’t enlisted the word, motto or logo, you would not have the capacity to do as such. Especially in parts in which robbery is widespread, trademark enlistment is basic.

    Business Opportunity

    A trademark is an immaterial resource that can be hugely profitable, should your image succeed. Consider Tide, Nike or McDonald’s. Organizations can gain colossal cash in sovereignties through authorizing understandings or significantly exchange proprietorship to invested individuals through task assentions.

    One of a kind Identity

    You would need your clients to recognize your items or administrations with yours as it were. Enlisting your trademark is the initial move toward guaranteeing this. The court would then stop any comparative words or mottos from being enlisted.

    Trademark Registration ProcessRegistration Process

    24 MONTHS

    The Trade Marks Office will first check your application to check whether it’s as of now been taken. On the off chance that it has, a trademark protest will be raised. The administration may likewise question on the off chance that it finds the logo foul, harms religious assumptions or trusts that it is probably going to cause perplexity. In the event that it has no protest, it makes a commercial in the Trade Marks Journal. In the event that there is no restriction from different organizations in the following four months, your trademark is enrolled around a half year later. We will check the status of your application consistently finished the whole year and a half and stay up with the latest on the status.


    We first run a trademark hunt to check whether your novel name or logo or one sounding fundamentally the same as it has just been taken. When it is affirmed, you should make the installment for the whole procedure. We will then send you an authorisation letter, which you should sign and come back to us with the goal that our legal counselors can document your trademark application for your benefit.


    This shape requests essential insights about you (or your business, on the off chance that the trademark is being enrolled in its name), and the logo, word, motto you’re enlisting. Pictures must be sent in the JPEG arrange as it were. Trademarks must be enlisted for a specific part. So on the off chance that you need to enlist a trademark in various classifications, we have to record numerous Form-1s and you would need to pay for them independently. When the shape is recorded, you can begin utilizing the ™ image.

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