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Statutory Audit is a kind of review which is commanded by a Statute or Law to guarantee genuine and reasonable perspective of the book of records of a Business is exhibited to the Regulators and the Public. Not at all like inside review, Statutory Audits are not discretionary and must be performed if a business fulfills certain criteria’s. Statutory reviews must be finished by qualified Chartered Accountants who are autonomous of the Business. Further, the report arranged by the Auditor on his/her discoveries must be displayed in the organization recommended by the Regulator.

Statutory Audits can be basically ordered into two sorts, organization reviews and assessment reviews. According to Companies Act, 2013, each organization, independent of its business turnover or nature of business or capital must have its book of records reviewed each money related year. In this manner, the Board of Directors of a Company are required by law to delegate an Auditor inside 30 days of joining and from that point lead a review of its money related articulations each monetary year. The records of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) must be examined in the event that it has a yearly turnover of Rs.40 lakes or increasingly or Rs.25 lakes or more capital commitment. Assessment review then again is required for Proprietorship and Partnership Firms that have cross a specific limit of offers. India Filings can enable you to locate a Statutory Auditor for your Business.


Audit Requirement


All organizations (Private Limited Company, One Person Company, Limited Company, Section 8 Company, Nidhi Company, Producer Company), regardless of nature of business and deals turnover must designate a Statutory Auditor.

Constrained Liability Partnership

All Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) must have its records examined if the yearly deals turnover surpasses Rs.40 lakes or if capital commitment surpasses Rs.25 lakes, regardless of the idea of business.


Proprietorship firm should finish a duty review by a Chartered Accountant if the yearly deals turnover surpasses Rs.1 crore as far as business or if yearly gross receipts surpass Rs.25 lakhs as far as a Profession.

Audit Process

Statutory Audits

The time span for finishing a statutory review would rely upon the review targets and degree.

Statutory Audit

The Statutory Auditor executes the review design. He or she would check the data displayed on the budgetary articulations, acquire tests and confirm information used to set up the Books.

Simple Debt Access

In light of the information and data accumulated in the review, the Statutory Auditor would set up an Audit Report and express a conclusion of it the budgetary explanations depict a genuine and reasonable view.

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