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NSIC Registration

National Small Industries Corporation Registration

The enrolled units are stretched out different offices to advance their cooperation, and thusly upgrade the offer in Government buys. NSIC's enlistment plot has been in task throughout the previous 37 years and was renovated in May 1976, and is currently called the Single Point Registration Scheme.

The method of reasoning of the this Scheme is to keep away from assortment of enrollment with different Government organizations and to guarantee that the units enlisted with NSIC are considered at standard with those enlisted straightforwardly with the obtaining office.

NSIC Registration

However, at first the Scheme was gone for securing bigger offer of requests from DGS&D, viable acknowledgment is given to the units enrolled with NSIC by the Railways, Defense, P&T, and a few Public Sector Enterprises. Programmed enrollment is given to units which are enrolled with NSIC. The units enrolled under this plan are fabricating a wide range of items including high innovation and modern generation forms and have turned into an imposing wellspring of provisions to the Government both at the Center and States other than Public Sector Undertakings, and so forth.

Documents Required for NSIC Registration

  • Original GP Registration Certificate.
  • A Copy of the Permanent Account Number (PAN CARD).
  • Copy of valid SSI Registration Certificate
  • List of major Govt. Orders executed during last 2 (two) years.
  • Copies of Audited Balance sheet for last 3 years duly signed by the authorized person under his seal
  • Annexure 'C' of GP Application form duly signed by Chartered Accountant
  • List of addition/deletion in the plant and machinery after the registration.
  • Annexure 'D' and 'E' duly signed by MSE.
  • For renewal of registration where monitory limit is more than Rs 10 Crores and inspection has not been carried out by Technical Inspecting Agency or NSIC during the last one year, such units will be inspected by the respective Branch Office of NSIC before issue of renewal Certificate. The Inspection fees shall be equivalent to Inspection fee charged by the Rites.
  • Advantages of a NSIC Registration

    Issue of delicate sets Free of Cost

    Propel insinuation of tenders issued by DGS&D

    Exclusion from installment of sincere cash

    Waiver of security store upto the money related farthest point for which the unit is enrolled.

    15 Issue of competency authentication

    Plus, the units get different offices which are accessible to little scale area, for example, thought of value inclination upto 15% on merits over the cost cited by expansive units and acquirement according to the held records.

    Company Registration Processa

    The unit needs to apply on the endorsed application shape accessible from NSIC, New Delhi and its Regional and Branch Offices. Application shapes are additionally accessible from Small Industries Service Institutes (SISI) and District Industries Centers (DIC).

    The Application frame, appropriately filled in and with the imperative records, in triplicate alongside an is to be submitted to the concerned office of NSIC, who, thus, will forward one duplicate to the concerned SISI for a limit report.

    In light of the reports, and fulfillment of documentation, the unit is given enlistment. The technique has as of late been improved, and rules connected with the application shape give an agenda to the records that are required to be submitted alongwith the application.

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