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PAN Registration

Company PAN Card Registration

Changeless record number (PAN) is a one of a kind ten-digit number dispensed by pay charge division to survey for recognizable proof reason. the application for container card can be made at any NSDL office or online at their website.

Container is an exceptional identifier for the surveys of wage impose which helps in simple recovery and coordinating of data identifying with an evaluates' assertion of salary in wage expense form, pronounced venture, installment of charges, raising of advances, appraisal, assess request, charge unfulfilled obligations and so forth.

PAN Registration

Download Forms & Their Fee

  • Form 49A - Indian Applicant Govt Fee Rs. 107
  • Form 49AA - Foreign National Applicant Govt. Fee Rs. 989
  • PAN Correction Form - Pan Data Change Indian Govt Fee Rs. 107
  • PAN Correction Form - Pan Data Change foreign National Govt Fee Rs. 989,
  • The PAN card is a plastic card which contains points of interest of assessee like photo in the event of individual and no photo if there should be an occurrence of other assessee, the ten-digit skillet perpetual record number designated by salary impose division and the date of joining or birth if there should be an occurrence of individual assessee.

    The PAN is one of a kind, national, and lasting. It is unaffected by a difference in address, even between states in India. from 1 January 2005 it has been made required to cite Permanent Account Number (PAN) on challans for any installments because of Income Tax Department (ITD)

    An assessee ought to dependably keep the database at salary impose office refreshed, any adjustment in particulars like that of name, address and so on ought to instantly be changed in the container database. As assesse can approach NSDL office for changing the same.

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